Living room

is giving a contemporary look to the room. Some people have the fresh and cool look of minimalist modern interiors. The living room is very cool. The sofa is of steel grey color and the fabric is shiny which gives a silverfish tone. In comparison with that white leather sofa’s are kept in front of the windows. The legs of the sofa are wooden. It has a vase table in the centre of two white leather sofa’s. The flooring of the room is marble which is of white color in mat finish. It has a wall painted accent punch lime green to add a modern effect to the room. A rug with bold graphics and the carpet has different colors is kept in front of the sofa. The centre table is of glass. A table lamp is kept on the side table, the lamp shade is of white color. In contrast to all the colors red curtains are used on the full length windows. The window frame is of metal which is painted in white color. The ceiling is plain and is of white color in the living room. It is a huge, spacious and stylish living room.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom design can be of various types and the designs are very attractive. The Bathroom in the picture is full of modern equipment and furniture. This Bathroom design has a design of brick walls and the walls are decorated with lights that create the impression of luxury. The Bathroom design is a very attractive design and the floor space is utilized properly with neat arrangement of cabinets and other decorations. The colors used on the brick wall is brown and white color on the floor gives a cooler effect to the bathroom. The flooring in the bathroom is of ceramic tiles of white color with gloss finish. Wall cabinets and shelves are given on the wall above the sink. The sink is of glass material. The shelves on walls are also decorated with lighting objects which gives a calm effect. The opposite wall of the sink is painted in a cherry red color of mat finish. The windows are full length with black frames. The bathroom has a bathtub of white color which matches the floor. Bathroom interior design with dark colors with unusual room design makes the bathroom look more luxurious. All the comfort requirements are completed in this bathroom design.

Dining Room

can be decorated with different ideas, Chrome and glass are the magic ingredients of modern dining rooms. If you have a separate dining area, then you can design it in any way because you have a separate area to design. Remember, Keep the dining room furniture as simple and minimal as possible. It should be clean enough. It is important to make your dining room look beautiful, comfortable and inviting. The dining area should be near to the kitchen so that food is served properly and in an easy way. In this dining room the dining table is in front of the kitchen. The dining room furniture is not too heavy. The furniture is of white color. The dining table is an 8 seater table which is for large families. The table and the chair are metallic base. Again use ceiling down lights to focus better on the table and to keep the surrounding area calm. The flooring in the room is vitrified tile flooring with shiny finish. The dining room walls are painted in white color. Decorative candles are also placed in the center of the table to give a nice effect to the area. A delicate flower arrangement is also done on the table with the making of a modern dining room.