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Liv My Space is here to provide you end to end solutions in its own class featuring interior designing, renovation, home decor, flooring, furnishing, ceiling and lot more which is a part of your dream home, office, commercials etc. The looks of home really matters when it comes to your mind that your dream home should a perfect fit for your eyes and all the people who visit your home.

Liv My Space is one stop destination for all your interior and exteriors needs. We have a team of well experienced persons who can deliver you which no other company can deliver. You can rely on us for your home renovation, interior designing, any type of furnishing, ceiling, repair or any service which can make your home a better version of current situation.

Living Room

Living room is one of the important part of house and it should be filled with all the things you need to get relaxed laying on the bed.


When it comes to bathroom, the looks of it really matters. We can deliver you a well managed fully furnished bathroom with all the necessary equipments.


Bedroom is a part of your night life where you spend most of your time staying at home. Bedroom should be like a totally different match from all other rooms.

Interior Design

Interior designing is one of the most important part while building you home or buying any ready to move home. Interiors show the class of living which should be there in every house.

Waiting Room

Waiting room can be like a sit and go space, you can still make it a comfortable one by putting some nice accessories, some magazines, few newspapers or a Television set.

Dedicated Interior

In the current scenario where the world is moving towards better and better technology, dedicated interiors is a big challenge for companies as people demand top class design at reasonable cost.

Why Choose Us?

With so many companies in the market, it is always a tough task to go with a reliable, experienced and genuine company which delivers what they promised. We at Liv My Space, work very hard and round the clock to finish the project fulfilling all the requirements of the client.

Few things which can make you to hire us only are:

On time delivery with full customer satisfaction.
We are flexible with budget, as per the budget of client.
With many years of experience we can deliver what other companies can not.
We have a large scale man power to cover the biggest projects.
You can also trust on us about all the materials we use in the work.
We deliver, what we promise is our Goal and Motto.

Everyone Wants A Beautiful Home

Some people just aren’t sure how to get one. That is where we come in. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective and some rearranging to create a whole new look avoiding the expense of new furnishings. The best part is that it’s a reflection of your personal taste and style because we’re using your possessions.

What is Redesign?

Redesign is an affordable alternative to traditional interior design. The concept is to use your existing furnishings, accessories and artwork (and maybe some hidden treasures you may have tucked away). We tastefully and creatively redecorate your living spaces giving your home a stylish, inviting, new look.

Who needs Redesign?

Anyone who would like a new look in their home without the expense of costly new purchases. You’ll receive maximum effect with minimal investment. You won’t believe the surprising results once you see your rooms transformed!

Office Setting

Our collection of office seating will expand the way you think about creating work areas. While we supply many businesses & small offices with seating, we are especially proud of our selection of home office seating which no other company can match. Whether you have a dedicated office or combine your office area within a family room, living room or even a bedroom, it can be functional, efficient & very attractive.

Interior Design

We understand our client’s needs for home decor and professional offices which are uniquely inviting and functional. Our design specialists are available to assist you with your interior design requirements. We work with you to create an environment that reflects your tastes & needs as well as budget, producing the perfect surroundings for your home or business place. We give our best to every project to maintain our good reputation in market.

Corporate Design

Corporate design is one of the important segment as you spend most of your working time at office. So the corporate design should be like that each of your client or employee feel comfortable with the sitting arrangements and the looks should give everyones's eye a Wow look. We can help you completely for all the corporate solutions like flooring, furnishing, decorating, wallpaper, painting, commercial branding and many more things.

The Process We Follow

Interiors Services

We offer a wide range of services to fulfill every individuals interior design needs. Our main services include:

Design Interior Services - Our team of professional interior designers will spend time with each client to determine their own particular style and design requirements. Based on these ideas, a colour palette, floor plan and 3D interpretation can be developed. Under the interior designer's supervision, furniture can be designed to suit to styles and enhance the mood of every room or office.

Custom Made Furnishings - Our designers are always looking for the latest trends to inject into our signature style. We are also happy to develop custom designs based on client specifications. After discussing the basic colors shapes, raw materials that would be most suitable, our team of designers will produce a computer generated sketch and quote for each custom designed piece. We have a large selection of fabrics, both local and imported that are suitable for every unique soft furnishing such as curtains, blinds, beddings, runners, cushions, sofas, chairs, pelmets, i.e. all aspects of soft furnishings.

Finding the right piece

Interiors is regularly scouting trade fairs across globe for good quality, well-proportioned pieces of furniture that are a little different from the norm. No room is complete without accessories. Whether it’s to brighten up a dull corner, enhance a new table or a gift for a friend.

Home Living Ideas

Homes, like offices, can add to or detract from an individual's productivity and overall well-being. The solutions to many problems affecting house and apartment dwellers can be found in the proper design of residential interior environments. For this reason, Liv My Space is actively involved in residential projects.

Because of evolving social and economic realities - particularly the increase in the number of two-income couples and families - new demands are being made on home interiors. They must be designed more efficiently than ever before. Maintenance requirements must be kept to a minimum when both parties work. Quiet areas that are always kept relatively clean should be established as transition areas, where the man or woman can relax after work for thirty minutes or so. Territorial nooks can be created, and different styles can be designed into the interiors to accommodate the tastes of both parties.

In solving these residential design problems, Liv My Space implements the same intelligent approach that is used so effectively in their commercial work.

A Man who Can Make Impossible Things Possible

Sanjeev Azad


We are a Make in India leading construction company with a vast experience of 25 years in the construction of housing / commercial complex, offices, hotels, hospitals, institutions etc. Our group have best brains in the field. It was only a pandemic which penetrated in my mind and I decided to make the un-avoidable global crises into the opportunity to serve the community.

I realize that during this ongoing ‘Covid-19’ pandemic which has totally changed the way, we schedule work and therefore has also changed our lives and probably our thought process too. The Indoor-Centric existence would require our work/home spaces to be key sustaining, complete and as far as possible TOUCHLESS.